I met with Erika, the Principal Designer at Niche for design inc., in Burlington last week and it was so nice to meet someone else in the industry who truly understands the financial importance of connecting a new commercial Tenant with the right team of professionals.  I have always recommended my clients seek out a professional designer to ensure the construction vision can become a reality – but here are three of the reasons a designer wants you to call them before you sign the Offer to Lease!


#1- You may be wasting THOUSANDS of dollars, by not knowing how much space you really need and what potential really exists in your prospective property.

An interior designer can assist you in calculated your current square footage needs and recommend suitable allowances for future growth. Additionally, if you are considering a particular space, an interior design can create a preliminary space plan layout, based on your needs. This is an opportunity to verify whether that space really will support your business, in the way the you are envisioning, before you sign a lease agreement.

#2- The layout you are imaging might not be possible!

Building code requirements for commercial spaces can be complicated and it is important to be aware of how requirements might impact your plans. For example, you may need to add additional washrooms, or may not be able to add walls in certain areas because of existing requirements. While every situation is different, a qualified designer can identify potential building code considerations so that you have a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities in your new space!

#3- The sooner a designer is involved in your project, the better potential for value in your renovation investment

As anyone who has renovated will attest – the options, when it comes to renovating, are ENDLESS! By speaking with a designer early in your planning process you give yourself more time for selection and procurement of the; finishes, furniture and fixtures that are best for your space. You will often pay a premium for products required in a short lead time, so with more time available, you may have better quality options available for your chosen investment.


Having the right professionals help you during the process is the best way to protect your business from unexpected costs later on.  For more information on Niche for design inc. – visit their website here.