Most leases have standard provisions where any alteration must be approved by the Landlord. Most tenants will make small changes or improvements over the years and neither the Landlord nor the Tenant want to be inconvenienced by the requirement for approval of EVERY alteration. We can satisfy this! By defining the types of improvements the parties agree are minor and do not require the Landlord’s approval. Some common criteria that we have seen negotiated include:

  • No significant impact on other tenants.
  • Does not decrease the value of the property.
  • No permits or variances required.
  • No impact on the structural integrity of the building.

If those are too broad maybe limiting it to replacements, upgrades and cosmetic changes, involving paint, floor coverings, plastering, and window coverings.

The best time to negotiate these rights is when you are drafting the lease – not when you are ready to paint!